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Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

Had lunch today with former CVB CO Bob Bridges. He asked 'why keep the parking lot?' Anyone know?

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

The parking lot and future picnic tables will be tied to BLM's public access to their Lost Coast Headlands Project south of CVB. I will submit more news about this as I get it JM Eureka CA

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

Are the farms in the canyons beyond CVB (Guthrie and Fleener Canyons) still occupied?

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

I do not know if they are - the big news is that the Humboldt Creamery is bankrupt - they are still in operation - it could be sold in a month - a lot of diary farmers are not being fully paid JM

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

When I built NOPF Dam Neck, the budget was 4.8M, which included collateral equipment. That bought everything but the ops gear! And we actually came in under (barely ) budget. Twice that, to tear a building down!?

I'm in the wrong line of work!

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

Found a website for the Centerville County Park & Beach. Includes pics of the beaches and old facility.



Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

A couple comments on the comments about tear-down cost.

1. A 1956 dollar - the year for CVB initial appropriation for construction - is equivalent to 7.92 2008 dollars. So the $9.4 million tear-down cost equates to $1.186 million in original-year-of-construction costs, not really outlandish.

2. The biggest cost in tear-downs of this age is often environmental remediation. You don't have to be a tree-hugger to be concerned with kids playing in dirt doused in carcinogens etc. When CVB went into commission, no one knew how to even spell environment and I think it likely that a lot of nasty stuff was disposed of by pouring it in the ground etc. Direct harm aside, the math on legal costs and lost lawsuits much favors prevention of environmental harm to individuals and ecologies over paying costs after a loss in court.

Jim: thanks for link. Hope all is well and sorry cannot make it to Norfolk in Sep.

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

What memories I have of CVB. Without having gone to CVB I never would have:
1. ejoyed the klamuth river (about 1/4 mile from my house in Rio Del) 2. Fished for salmon on the EEL river. 3. enjoyed the beauty of northern California 4. been able to work at such a beautiful location (when the fog wasn't there!)! and 5. met the good people, of the area, who are MUCH different than those in the rest of California. All of us, who were stationed there, have memories of CVB.

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

Sigh. Another piece of our rather short history bites the dust. I'm glad I went to visit a couple of years ago.

Re: Nacfac Centerville to be torn down

Speaking of pieces of history - perhaps they could reduce the cost of tearing it down if they simply opened the gates, provided sledge hammers, and let anyone from the community or that was stationed there come and get a piece of history. Think of how many pieces of the Berlin Wall there are scattered around the world in people's houses, gift shops, and museums!