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UPDATE: IUSSCAA Patches and **Decals**

Greetings all. Quick update on our efforts to provide keep-sake IUSSCAA patches to all association members in good standing.

The patches have arrived and are being prepped for mailing during the first two weeks of September.

We've also ordered 1000 4" Repositionable vinyl decals with same design as the patch. One decal will be included in the envelope with your patch.

Reminder: These patches and decals will only be mailed to paid-up members - approximately 800 today. Remaining stock will be issued to future members and none will be available for sale.

Appreciate the excellent response to our recent call for dues from members with lapsed membership.

Best regards,

Jim Donovan

Re: UPDATE: IUSSCAA Patches and **Decals**

Sounds good. Checked my membership status the other day, noticed my membership expired the end of August so quess what? The checks in the mail . Bye. Frog

Re: UPDATE: IUSSCAA Patches and **Decals**

I guess that laid back Canadian atmosphere slows you down a bit, eh? Send some of that cool air down here, we are melting in south Texas. 104 in the shade Heat Index with all the humidity and african dust in the air, it is like mud outside.

Re: UPDATE: IUSSCAA Patches and **Decals**

Agree with Hal, Frog. And I wouldn't mind you sending some of that Screech stuff this way either!

Re: UPDATE: IUSSCAA Patches and **Decals**

My check is in the mail, too. Big oops on my part.