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How Many Were There?

Greets All!

My mind drifts more often these days; today's gyre keeps spinning the question "what was the total number of SOSUS analysts in the USN?" I'm just about certain there's no ACCURATE record on this; just about any estimate would be a SWAG at best.

By "analysts," I mean enlisted folks who went through OT "A" school (or its predecessors). Most of us know that early analysts were an assorted lot: BM, CS, and other sea intensive ratings. At least that's what I recall. Did those guys get any sort of analyst training? I was a bit more familiar with ratings like the antediluvian SO, SOO, and SOG. More "recent (beginning" 1965 or so?) were the ST, STO, STG, OT, and OTA. Did I leave anyone out?

Of course, we know the AWs and STS folks did similar work. but I'm not worried about them, or about Bell Labs, WECO engineers, and USN officers who only went to OWO training.

your SWAGs are welcome, but does anyone have an "official" estimate?

Thanks, y'all.