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Tobacco prices at Lakenheath.

Due to a change in policy, as of March 2017, the price of tobacco products is linked to the lower price of the same product on the local economy. At lakenheath, the cost of 1 carton of cigarettes was between $54 - $57. A far cry from the $1.20 I paid on my first ship and the $1.40 in the exchange.

Still I'll bet it really helps folks to quit, especially the younger ranks. And I'll bet there isn't any more of flogging them on the local economy either.

Gotta wonder if this is Trumps doing, if so, well done! Wish it'sbeen that way when I joined, I'd have never started!

Re: Tobacco prices at Lakenheath.

Amen to that, I believe that California and Hawaii both passed laws making tobacco only available to 21+ years and the military is going by state law so can't buy on base under 21. I smoked for 32 years finally quit 16 years ago after stints and angioplasties.