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Early BOREY Class SSBNs May Have Used “Recycled" Components - But So Did Nautilus

As previously posted, early BOREY Class Russian SSBNs used AKULA hull sections and GTZA-OK-9VM geared-turbine propulsion units salvaged from scrapped OSCAR hulls.

“AGAINST THE TIDE” by RADM Dave Oliver, who knew and served under ADM Rickover during most of his 32-year career, is full of fascinating material which will be posted as appropriate.

Page 9 provides the following information on NAUTILUS (SSN 571) which used (quote) a diesel submarine (hull) already under construction, liquid-holding tanks from a bankrupt New Jersey dairy, emergency diesel engines salvaged from a minesweeper that had spent the last few years sunk on the bottom of a river, and a refurbished engine room appropriated from a pre-World War II destroyer. (end quote)

By using such economies, NAUTILUS was built for less than $70 million.