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In Remembrance of CDR Bobby Nevin, Chief Pilot of the TRIESTE During Dives on the SCORPION Wreckage

It was Bobby Nevin (8 Feb 1936 – 28 Mar 2017) who, as Chief Pilot of the submersible TRIESTE, retrieved a piece of SCORPION main battery from the debris field on his last dive in 1968.

Microscopic, spectrographic and X-ray defraction analysis of that recovered component confirmed the main battery exploded before water entered the battery well and thus was the proximate cause of the loss of the USS SCORPION (SSN 589), almost 49 years ago.

As stated in the Submarine Force Library & Museum Association Electronic Newsletter, the PING: “No conspiracies, no Soviet attack, no torpedo hot-run, but a tragic accident:” the explosion at 18:20:44Z on 22 May 1968 of hydrogen out-gassed by the 65-ton, 126-cell TLX-53-A main storage battery.

Thank you, Bobby Nevin.