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Re: CAPTAIN JOSEPH P. KELLY AWARD Recipient - “Tim Cornett”

For those who would like to attend the Awards Ceremony on 13 Jun 17 for Tim please contact the Commodore’s secretary Ms Carolyn Farrar so she can better coordinate the event regarding the number of guests to expect etc.

Also, for those without proper government identification required to get on base, she will most likely have to arrange for your entry onto the base before hand etc. (please work it out with her).

Email: FARRAR, CAROLYN W CIV CUS, N00S [carolyn.farrar@navy.mil]

I will keep you posted on more details when available.



Re: CAPTAIN JOSEPH P. KELLY AWARD Recipient - “Tim Cornett”

Congratulations Tim....well deserved.

Re: CAPTAIN JOSEPH P. KELLY AWARD Recipient - “Tim Cornett”

Tim - I regret my delay in expressing such well-deserved congratulations has now approached the typical McConnell time-late on a K37D, I say to you how awesome this recognition is; I can't think of more qualified and professional representative for this than you, my friend. I will see you on 6/13. McConnell - get out your red frickin' pencil, and start annotating that K37D that's been dumping all over 11 - 7-8-9.