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Weather update: Mt Washington, NH Gets Record 33-inch Snow Storm 13-15 May

Temperatures had been running 6°F below average for the first half of the month with snow showers adding up to 8.9” through the 13th. May only averages 12” of snowfall on the summit so we were already well on our way to surpassing that total, but we did not know by how much. Instead of seeing the snow let up towards the tail end of the month, we recorded our biggest single-storm snowfall since October 2005! Snow fell continuously for 38 hours straight from Saturday evening on the 13th through Monday morning on the 15th, with a grand total of 33.3” of accumulation. This was the largest snowstorm ever recorded in the month of May and also broke the record for 24-hour accumulation in May at 22.9”.