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ACTION: Annual Call for Cable Newsletter Articles - Due NLT 15 Oct 2017

Greetings, IUSS shipmates. It's time again to publish the annual edition of "The Cable", the official newsletter of the IUSS CAESAR Alumni Association. Our last issue was published in November of 2016.

As has been our policy, the Association will publish this year's newsletter before Thanksgiving. We will collect inputs through October; collate the newsletter in the first half of November; and publish in late November. "The Cable" is only published by electronic means. No paper copies will be available or forwarded.

Please consider submitting an article for publication. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece or 10-page journal article - just looking for short stories of interest to our membership. We'll do any required editing working right along with you.

Authors of articles published in "The Cable" receive a limited edition, 4-inch, embroidered, IUSSCAA patch.

Questions, comments and articles can be forwarded directly to me at

Thanks and best regards,

Jim Donovan
Director, IUSSCAA