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Re: Hurricane

Not in 1969; however, I was behind the Green Door in 1960 when DONNA came through the Florida Straight headed for Key West and then - in the middle of the night - positions became a litte "fuzzy." DONNA made a right turn and went north over Islamorada which had a max altitude of 12-feet. The storm surge was 14-feet. Several bridges on the overseas highway were lost as was the large water line that came down from the mainland: few or no baths for about 10 days.

All-in-all, we were lucky in Key West, no winds greater than 60 kts.

Following from Wikipedia:

Early on September 10, 1960, Donna made landfall near Marathon, Florida with winds of 130 mph (215 km/h), hours before another landfall south of Naples at the same intensity. Florida bore the brunt of Hurricane Donna. In the Florida Keys, coastal flooding severely damaged 75% of buildings, destroying several subdivisions in Marathon.

Re: Hurricane

Glad to hear folks got out of there to safety. Remembering the structures on Duvall street, I can only imagine what is left from the news reports of the devastation that have been shown east of Key West. The night Camille past Key West to the west of us, I remember sitting on the patio of the EM club after evening classes watching a tremendous light show in the sky. We were surely lucky.

Re: Hurricane

After graduation from ET school in Sep 1964 I was sent to FSS Key West to attend special Maintenance Course 573. Shortly after my arrival Hurricane Isbell decide to pay us a visit on 14 October. To try and protect vehicles, many of them were brought in and parked on the ball field. Dependents were brought to FSS to rideout the storm. Not having all the individual game systems etc. that we have today, to try and entertain the kids, a room was set up to show cartoons. Military personnel were selected to act as escorts for the kids going between the wings of the school. At one point after having taken some kids across I remember on my return stopping and watching the roof of the Patio Beach Bar be torn off. Most of the sheets ended up against the ball field fence. Unfortunately, one sheet made it over and found a convertible. While there was some flooding and wind damage from Isbell, nothing like what people have just received from Irma.

Re: Hurricane

Just a quick note to say Gabi & I are ok as is our house here in Gainesville, FL. By the time Irma got up to this part of the state it was down to a category 1 with winds of 75mph. We spent yesterday working on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table and got our power (and water since we are on a well) back on this morning. Spending today cleaning up small branches all over our yard and our neighbor's yard and moving the plants back out of the greenhouse. Definitely could have been much worse and we're glad it wasn't. Keeping all those in south Florida and along the west coast (of Florida) in our thoughts and prayers.