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Memories of Adak

Recent article on the web:

Bald eagles are rare, fascinating creatures. Not only that, but next to the American flag and apple pie, there is nothing as proudly American than the image of one of these mighty birds of prey.

For most people, spotting one of these dignified birds in the wild is a noteworthy stroke of luck. Unless they’re at a zoo, interacting with them is not something the average person gets to do—and even in those situations, access is limited.

That wasn’t the case for Alaskan fisherman Jessie Peck, though, who claimed that seeing the majestic birds up close is “just another day in Alaska.”


Reminds me of several trips to Adak. Watching cats in the living areas first scout out the telephone poles before racing out the door to hide under the nearest car.

On one day, there was an eagle on every telephone pole from the Q to the NavFac; 17 as I remember.

Re: Memories of Adak

I was at NavFac Adak 91-93 and saw many bald eagles, the salmon runs were a true feast for the eagles. There were stories about eagles taking small dogs and even knocking into people for their lunch. I remember taking my trash out of Bering 11 and a group of eagles around the dumpster, they all stood about 3 feet high, very ominous. Another time I was pulling up to the NEX and there was a crowd of people in the parking lot. A bald eagle had flown through the atrium plate glass window. The eagle was dazed and bleeding. The wildlife wardens where there trying to catch it but after a while it just flew away…. Strong!

Re: Memories of Adak