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Re: The Final Tour of Duty

Thanks for the reply...I'll have to reread his bio in the book cover and make sure I read that correctly. Just wondering what time frame you went through Key West. I was there Oct./Nov. "69.

Re: The Final Tour of Duty

If my memory is correct, I believe I got to Key West in April of 1970. Checked in at Hatteras in the summer of 1970, still remember the sign on road to Navfac "this is not the way to the lighthouse".

Re: The Final Tour of Duty

Ok, you were a little later than I was behind the "Green Door". I've been trying to come up with some of the names that I was in class with at Key West. I did visit Cape Hatteras just after they moved the light house and was able to at least see the Navfac. Thanks for the reply.

Re: The Final Tour of Duty

If you go to Google Earth and find Buxton you will find there is not a hint of the NAVFAC left. Nothing but sand. Last I looked I think the ball field was still there and maybe a hint of the road around the base. Nothing else. It was a great tour of duty though. Good memories.

Re: The Final Tour of Duty

Yeah I know the feeling. I was at NavFac Coos Head in Oregon in 1970 and it was a great place to be stationed. I don't see many on this site that had the same experience I had....good memories. Very lucky.