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Missing Russian helicopter found in Norway Arctic Waters

As reported by the BBC. See link.

"A Norwegian search team has located the wreckage of a Russian helicopter that crashed into the sea with eight people on board in the Arctic.

"The helicopter, which has been missing since Thursday, lies on the ocean floor off the archipelago of Svalbard, near Barentsburg, officials said.

"Norwegian police would now search for those on board, a statement said.

"Norway has sovereignty over Svalbard but Russia has a small coal-mining community in Barentsburg."

Comments: (1) Not nice, the water temperature is 37F (3C). (2) I remember the advice given to anyone aboard a P2V that crashed near Adak: "Grab something heavy." (3) The coal mine is just a cover to give the Russians a "presence" in Svalbard; the coal is not important and more expensive to mine than on the mainland. (4) The latitude of Barentsburg is 78N.