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Re: Glomar Explorer

Those 2 vessels weren`t involved with the operation. They were mentioned briefly but I don`t recall the context..maybe that they were at sea but not near the site, or that they were involved in something after the Soviets realized K-129 was missing? It was perhaps a 5 second mention but the names were as familiar as they were many years ago.

Re: Glomar Explorer


I have resisted reading "The Taking of the K-129." I leave any review to Norman Polmar, co-Author of "Project AZORIAN, The CIA and the Raising of the K-129."

As previously noted, I worked extensively with both Polmar and Michael White on their K-129 book.

I find reading reviews such as the first one-star review of "The Taking of the K-129" to be extremely depressing. One can never stamp out all the misinformation in circulation about the K-129 - and about SCORPION and THRESHER. Where they get this crap is beyond me. Examples: TRIESTE was NEVER involved in the K-129 op; the K-129 was in only two pieces and the sink-rate was no more than 12-14 knots - otherwise the extended masts would have been carried away.

I suggest you view Michael White's film on the K-129. It provides spectacular computer-generated images based on actual film taken by the USS HALIBUT (SSN 587) during the initial survey of the wreck, and by the HUGHES GLOMAR EXPLORER recovery system itself. Some of those images are also in the book.

I used to think (hope) that publishers would do enough research to establish just how credible information in a proposed book was but I now realize most publisher's only concern is: will it make money? The more controversial the book is, the better for them.

Michael - thank you for the note. I had a lot of fun with the K-129 acoustic data. Too bad I cannot acknowledge the source unless I outlive him. All about the K-129 from acoustics - previously posted - see link above.


Re: Glomar Explorer

Bruce, I watched the same movie on Amazon Prime several days ago. I actually saw your name in the credits at the end - I think it was for Naval acoustic intelligence or some category like that.

Re: Glomar Explorer

Just finished reading "The Taking of K-129" a couple of weeks ago, and I think the Vavilov and Lebedev were Soviet Hydroacoustic vessels that appeared on site after the Glamor ll was on site for awhile.