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2017 Cable newsletter published

Greetings all. The 2017 Cable newsletter is published. You should receive an email today with links to the newsletter and an up to date Member Directory with every member's mailing and email addresses.

Jim Donovan
Director, IUSSCAA

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

Got up this morning to see the newsletter had arrived. After spending my morning coffee reading it all I'd just like to say very well done. Your efforts are most appreciated.

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

On behalf of those members who submitted articles and our publishing crew; Dick Rentner, Jack Holdzkom, Ellis Sutter, thank you Scott. Sometimes we put these newsletters out there and rarely receive feedback. I helps to know that the Cable is being read.

- Jim

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

As usual the 2017 News Letter did not disappoint still new articles I have not read about in the past. I certainly would like to thank you Jim for your years of service to the Alumni site. Even though the Newsletter is "in my name" I always enjoyed the stories. Thanks for the organization of the SOSUS/IUSS reunions.
An email from time to time would be great. See you on Facebook.

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

Can I please get the newsletter sent to my current email (above)? Thanks, RM Miller

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

Richard - Please go to our Membership Update page and change your email address using the form.

The page is linked to from our Membership page. The direct link to the form is http://iusscaa.org/mcuform.htm. That way the change will get entered into our database.

Meanwhile, I have forwarded a copy of the email to your new address.

Hope that helps

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

I did not get an email about the new newsletter I updated my membership profile, in case my address was lost Thanks in advance

Re: 2017 Cable newsletter published

Jim, I have sent you an email regarding this.