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My farewell

With publication of the 2017 Cable newsletter I stand relieved as Director of the IUSS CAESAR Alumni Association. Our new Director is LCDR Becky Badders, USN (Ret).

What an incredible “System” of Navy professionals and patriots I have come to be associated with over these past 45 years. And to think, we’re still organized and contributing! I have been honored to be Director of the IUSS CAESAR Alumni Association for the past 10 years when I relieved Ed Dalrymple who held the post since its inception for an amazing 15 years. Ed, you’re still my hero!

But like all good things this too must come to an end. It’s time for me to move on to allow someone else, someone with fresh ideas and experiences the opportunity to take over the helm of the IUSSCAA. We have found that individual in LCDR Becky Badders, USN (Ret). Becky and I go way back to our tours as Junior Officers at COSL in the latter 1980s. I know she is more than qualified to lead and represent the IUSSCAA. I am very comfortable turning over the reins of the Association to Becky’s competent hands just as I am confident you will continue to give her the support and courtesies you have given me these past 10 years.

I cannot leave without recognizing the tireless, time consuming contributions of our Board of Directors - Nick McConnell, Mike Kilpatrick and Russ Lownie and our Cable newsletter team – Jack Holdzkom, Dick Rentner and Ellis Sutter. They spend countless hours keeping this organization alive and relevant today. Thank you, gentlemen! And to all the members - I thank you for your continuous support and friendship! Becky, you have the con. I stand relieved. Fair winds and following seas for your new stewardship as Director, IUSSCAA.

All the best, Jim!

Re: My farewell

You have done so much over the years of perpetuating the spirit of SOSUS/IUSS with your work on the Alumni web site, Cable publications and IUSS Anniversary Celebrations that a simple “Thank You” does not seem adequate. Know that your efforts have been appreciated by all of your shipmates within IUSS. “THANK YOU”… Ed Smock

Re: My farewell

Thank you, Ed. That means a lot coming from you. I look forward to seeing the "last man standing" at the 65th reunion!

- Jim

Re: My farewell

Jim (and Ed):
I would like to add my own personal "thanks, and well done" to the many accolades that I am certain you will receive. Through your many years of dedicated service to our IUSS community, you have exemplified those qualities which serve to enrich us all, in very meaningful ways.

Those of us who dedicated the most productive years of our lives in supporting an incredibly important mission will always be bound by the knowledge that "we did it". The IUSSCAA has been instrumental in stirring and reviving those "pockets of carbon dust" that remains in our veins. For the past ten years, your leadership has been instrumental in keeping our community united, through the website, annual newsletters, reunions, etc. Jim, you followed the inspired leadership of Ed Dalrymple in great fashion. You both stepped up, combining to provide a quarter century of additional service to and for the many men and women who proudly wear that trident.

So, please accept my personal thank you. You two leave a huge pair of shoes to fill.

Re: My farewell

Thank you, George. You were the Best Mentor I had in 34 years of Naval service - so, I guess I learned from the best. Your words mean a lot to me, even today. - Jim