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hearning aids

Ive been going back through the board postings looking for that threat on hearing aids..i believe randy scott may have started it..I was looking for the name of the program that the aids were finally obtained through...can someone point me in the right direction? thanks

Re: hearning aids

I think you are probably talking about this thread: http://pub10.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=774301397&frmid=32&msgid=1386828&cmd=show

But there are several results listed if I do a search (right hand corner above) for hearing aids.

Hope that helps.

Re: hearning aids

yes! thanks for the help...

Re: hearning aids

John, that link leading to John Ellis' post about RACHAP spells it out well. I ended up getting my devices at Bethesda and spent about $700 for them, less than 10% of normal retail. They are hi tech and can be controlled by my iphone through bluetooth. If you have tinnitus you can also download an app that can inject certain sounds to help counter the ringing. Great program and I hope they continue it. Good luck!

Re: hearning aids

thanks randy..your right, john's thread had all the info and im good to go...