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My worst Room mate in the Navy...

In 1969 I was in Key west starting school behind the green doors. My room mate was an STG2 who was there For a Maintenance course for active sonar. Cannot for the life of me remember his name.

We had class all day, and were "encouraged" to attend evening study time regardless of our standing in the class. Most all of us did. it was 2 hours from 7 to 9 if I recall. Needless to say, after it was over, it was back to the barracks to iron a uniform for the next day, and then hit the rack. We weren't allowed access to the beach bar anyway, and most of us didn't have the money for it even if we were.

My room mate however, was allowed the bar, and made good use of it. He also enjoyed coming back drunk about midnight, and very quietly coming into the room. He'd then carefully pick up the end of my rack, to waist height, without waking me, then drop it! If you've never experienced being awakened that way, it's one you should be glad to have missed. In any event he'd then laugh like crazy and go to bed. i, would usually need about an hour or so before i could again nod off.

To say it affected my classroom time would be an understatement. Despite trying to reason with this idiot, he continued to torment me this way...until my last night before flyinh out thhat is....

I cam back to the room to finish packing, and he was standing in the doorway, in shorts and a sweatshirt with the arms cut off. He had his hands up an was holding onto the doorframe. I once again told him he'd better stop messing with me, and he replied " Why, what are you going to do about it. My Dad had told me that bullies cannot be reasoned with, so I decided to stop talking. I told him you never know i might just do something like this...I then quickly reached up and grabbed a handful of armpit hair and gave a good yank. I expected it to hurt him, but i didn't ecpect to pull a big chunk out! He turned white and disappeared out the door, and i left the following morning without seeing him.

To this day I can't imagine how he explained the injury to the medics at sick call.

Re: My worst Room mate in the Navy...

I was behind the "Green Doors" in late summer of 1969, and yes, we were allowed to frequent the patio bar after evening study time. One of my room mates at that time was a guy named Dave (can't remember last name):innocent: , but we would play a lot of pickup basketball games with a little side bet. If we weren't doing that it was out on Duvall Street helping the local small business economy. Several times, Dave would talk me into leaving the base and indulging in adult beverages , only to remember I had surrendered my Liberty pass while coming back through the main gate. Very thoughtful Marines allowed us through by simply showing our Chow Pass. Don't know where Dave went for his first NavFac, but maybe it was for the better, or I might not have made it through my four years.:innocent: