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Re: It's That Grim Time of Year Again

Sounds lovely..Makes Kef sound like a tropical paradise in comparison....

Re: It's That Grim Time of Year Again

I visited a couple of times in the late 1980s. Once was during the Christmas shopping season in early December. My memory of the town we stayed in are vivid. Snow and ice covered every inch of the roads and walkways; the sun never came up; and hundreds of multi colored Christmas lights brought the town to life throughout the day. I have a few photos from that trip and a silver match box sits on my bookshelf today. The inscription reads “Andenes”.

Re: It's That Grim Time of Year Again - with a strange variant


The flip-slide of no direct sunlight for about 60 days at Andenes is that the moon, when near full in Dec, never sets. It is more extreme because the moon can be as much as five degrees celestial latitude north of the sun's most northerly position in the sky.

Those trips - more than 20 during 37 years - were the highlight of my long involvement with the System, and the last - for 60 days in 1999 - was the best. Stayed in that wonderful building and visited the original site for one last time.

Cheers to all there at this time of the year,