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52 years ago

You may have seen this before, but I left Kingston NY, leaving my family and "the love of my life" my High school sweetheart, with tears in my eyes headed to Albany NY to get sworn in the USN 52 years ago today. After all the BS of boot camp, CO-748 I headed back to NY and became engaged to Linda. Off to Key West, FL for Sonar A school and then O-school. Graduating in September 1966 I flew home to NY and married my High School Sweetheart, October 8, 1966. The rest was a most wonderful adventure with the Navy, Job Satisfaction, and great duty stations and people. We retired as a CPO in August 1986, with 20 years 8 months. The People we were associated with at all of our duty stations both Military and Locals will remain in our hearts forever.
Chuck & Linda Cable

Re: 52 years ago

Nice story, Chuck! Our histories are very similar but the Navy and marrying my high school sweetheart came in 1969. Congratulations to you on your career and the enduring time with your bride.


Re: 52 years ago

First I want to say "Thank You and Linda for your service". When fond system memories are exchanged your name always comes up in the discussion. As I have always said "It is NOT the equipment that has made SOSUS/IUSS great, it was and continues to be the "People". Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. - Ed Smock

Re: 52 years ago

Chuck and Linda,

Nicely said and Pat and I got to be a part of that 52 years. Stationed together on a number of occasions, I can truthfully say there was not a better shipmate.

A sincere Happy Holidays to you and Linda

John and Pat