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Hello friends (and that's what I consider all of you...but don't call for a loan).

My next birthday will be the big 65. It's not for a while yet, but I've been thinking about some stuff lately and decided to share before I forget.

- A long time ago, someone said to me, "Rule number one is....don't sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is....almost all stuff is small stuff." I understand that better today.

- Everyone calls me "sir" today. I want to explain that I was a Chief....no offense O-Gangers.

- I used to chuckle at the way old men shook hands.....like sissies....I don't laugh anymore...ice is my drug of choice today.

- My oldest son and I were off to my favorite golf course for an afternoon of joy for me. The kid in the pro shop looks up at me and says "you qualify for the senior discount." I asked, "Is it that obvious now?" He lowered his eyes. I wanted to cry.

- The F word is part of the lexicon today. Didn't used to be that way.

- I helped an oldtimer in the gym the other day. I hope I'm alive when I have his seniority on Mother Earth....much less in the gym....I'm going to try.

- I'm way more emotional than I used to be....oh well.

- My 6-year-old grandson, Chris, knows almost everything there is to know about construction equipment. His vocabulary is better than mine. When I visit, he comes downstairs early and we cuddle and discuss stuff. He loves all sports. It don't get any better.

I'm pretty sure I know other stuff but my hands hurt. I invite you good folks to add your insights.

- RIP Jack Fessler.....we'd probably have to censor you, old friend.


With all respect,


Re: Observations

Hi Nick,
I read you post with much delight and thoughtfulness. I have a couple of thing to add:

1. I used to jump out of bed and hit the deck running. I now take an extra few minutes to wake up, check to make sure everything is still working and then SLOOOWLY get out of bed.

2. I used to get out of bed and do a nice stretch, now I sound like a breakfast cereal went I get out of bed (Snap, Crackle and Pop)! Scares the living bejesus out of the dog.

3. I have learned three things from my golfing buddies, most of whom have also retired from one service or another, that a) never assume it's gas, b) never pass up an opportunity to have a pee; and c) I just can't remember the third thing.

4. I find myself having less and less patience with millennials. I just don't understand what the rush is all about.

5. The older I get the smarter my parents are.

6. I am turning into my dad.

Regards and have a great birthday,

Bob Ainsworth

Re: Observations

I have a few to add if no one minds and when I turn 72 (01/19/2018) I will continue to push the shopping cart in Publix because leaning a bit down on the cart keeps the neck/back (OSTY) from hurting and allows me to wait until Linda is at the end of the isle then start a "Walk Fart" each time a leg goes forward a bit gas is pumped and squeezed and makes just enough noise to turn heads. This is a good fun sport. We have all had that happen or enjoy the looks get. What your sports become too hard to do try this fart game.

Re: Observations

Chuck - Too much information! :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Observations

I myself will be turning 66 this year and my favorite way to start the New Year, whenever the opportunity presents itself, is by running a "Beermile" which consists of running 4, quarter mile laps after drinking a beer at the start of each lap. I take no credit for the various misspellings of my name. Spelling doesn't seem to be a strong point with Millenials who are taking the roster at these events. For those of you that might not be aware of Hash House Harriers, everyone gets a "Hash Name" and "Bark If You Love Me" is my mine. FYI, the "Hash" is either a "drinking club with a running problem" or a "running club with a drinking problem" depending upon who you talk to.

The following are my Beermile results to-date:

*Intergalactic Hash 2nd Annual Winter Classic, San Diego, CA January 1, 2007
Rick Greatting 13:40 M 54

*CA Larrikins Hash 1st Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA January 1, 2013
rick greatting 15:32 M 60

*CA Larrikins Hash 2nd Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA January 1, 2014
Bark if you love me 15:47 M 61

*CA Larrikins Hash 3rd Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA January 1, 2015
Bark if you love me 16:57 M 62

*CA Larrikins Hash 4th Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA, January 1, 2016
Rick Greatling 16:34 M 63

*CA Larrikins Hash 5th Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA, January 1, 2017
Rick Greeting 16:45 M 64

*CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile, San Diego, CA, January 1, 2018
Rick Greeting 17:28 M 65

Re: Observations

great thread guys and an uplifting post Rick. Got my day off on the right foot. :) :) :)

Re: Observations

Such great observations one and all. I find I am not as strong as I used to be so have to find new methods to pick up or open up stuff. Also the floor seems to be harder to get up from now, I don't spring up any longer. I plan to join the gym so I can try to alleviate at least some of the new trials. Also hair color needs covering up more often. Oh and I received the dreaded Medicare card late last year too!! What the H... happened?

Re: Observations

Yeah, I got my Medicare card last year also and the first bill was quite the shock. Once my wife Namiko goes on Medicare this month our annual "contribution" for Medicare coverage will be $3,216 vice the current $578 per year for Tricare. Quite the change from "free health care for life" for military retirees.

Re: Observations

Nick's comments, as well as the others, rang so true...

- I will be 67 next month and am still trying to figure out where my 50`s went
- I too have become more emotional. One of my grandsons, Randall III, recently wrote a chapter about me in a "book" for school. He's only 11 but wrote that he wants to go to the Naval Academy and grow up to be just like his PaPa. Tears flowed. (If he goes to the NA I will no longer ask any officer if they are a real officer or if they went to college) 😁
- We had a tall wrap around porch when we still lived in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, where I taught all 5 grandsons to whiz between the railings. They could reach 15 feet out, I was just thankful for gravity
- At the gym people sometimes say I am in great shape, for my age.
- I no longer have to ask for a senior discount at Chick Filet.
- I came to realize a long time ago that at a Navfac good watch coordinators were the most valuable command personnel. I am even more resolute in that opinion today.

So much more but I'm starting to doze off. Everybody have a blessed 2018


Re: Observations

Will be turning 70 this year, but still am able to walk 18 holes of golf three or four times a week with out much difficulty. After sitting inside for the past three weeks in central Kentucky, waiting for the temperature to rise above the freezing mark, the days of playing golf on a sand bunker golf course on Midway Island would be welcomed. A double swing back watch would be more interesting than this.