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The passing of CSCM Eldon Carson

I knew I had posted this on the NAVFAC Antigua wall on FB and thought I had posted it here but memory isn't as sharp as it once was so it looks like I didn't. A few months ago but sometime this year I read in the IN MEMORIAM section of my FRA magazine of Eldon's passing. Eldon was an MS2 in Antigua in '71-'72 and an MS1 in the galley in Arg when I was there on an inspection trip. I know Nick and Charlie Harding will remember him in Antigua. Most of my other friends from Antigua are standing watch for the Big CO. So many already gone. Jack, would you please add Eldon to our IN MEMORIAM list. Eldon was a hoot. He once told me he had to be careful going off base in Antigua because he had been accused of practicing VODOO. He loved to hunt and when I was in Arg he invited me over for moose chops. If you've never seen one you probably picture something the size of a rib steak. I sure got a surprise. It was somewhere between the size of a lamb chop and pork chop. RIP old friend.

Re: The passing of CSCM Eldon Carson

Rick: Would like to add his name to our In Memoriam page in the December update. Looked for an obit and found several Eldon Carsons but none seemed to fit Master Chief Carson. Can you provide his approximate time of passing (mo/yr) and time of System Affiliation (1970s?)?

Re: The passing of CSCM Eldon Carson

He was in the system in the early-mid '70's. I could name a half dozen who would have remembered him but Nick and Charlie Harding are the only ones still alive. I'm not sure of the exact date of his passing but will check my old issues of FRA magazines. I know I still have that issue and will get back to you.

Re: The passing of CSCM Eldon Carson

Wow it was longer ago than I remembered. I posted the passing on April 16, 2017 and wrote I had just read it in my FRA mag but they gave no further information. Debbie Smith who's dad was an SHC or SHCS posted a picture of Eldon on the FB NAVFAC Antigua wall the same day as a comment to my post. I got to Antigua in Jan '71 and there until Oct '72. Inspected Arg in late '74 or early '75. Had fried cod at Charlie & Sandy Kohn's that trip. Charlie was in Antigua with Eldon as well.