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Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

Nick: not received as yet. Ed

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

Great job BZ!

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

Updated membership. So far have not seen new letter.

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

C'mon gang...you're wearing us out.

If you want a copy of the 2018 newsletter and have not received it, please check your current email address against the membership listing. If you've changed email, please submit an update.

Please check your spam....we're seeing a problem there.

If your current email matches the database and you're not in receipt of the newsletter, contact me at bogey20732@yahoo.com.

We're doing our very best to service our membership but many of you are inactive members who now want the newsletter. Please do your part.

Pretty sure Brandt is responsible for this f up.


Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

I have received this years Newsletter, my thanks to all it’s a very good read!

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

I haven't received the new issue yet...checked all the boxes :(

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

Hello Lydia,

Yours was sent to your msn.com address on November 28th at 11:34pm.

We did not get a bounce (rejection) from your mail so we assume we did get into your mail box.

Here is the mail receipt that our mail server creates, I edited out your address with xxxxxxx for privacy reasons:

from: admin@iusscaa.org

to: Lydia Edwards Mathews date: Nov 28, 2018, 11:34 PM

subject: IUSSCAA Newsletter/Directory - Nov 2018

mailed-by: iusscaa.org

I will see about getting the links to you in a moment.

Hope this helps

Russ Lownie IUSSCAA.org webhamster

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable

Did not get a copy I think it went to old email
new email is robertmasciangioli@yahoo.com Thanks much

Re: 2018 Edition of the Cable


I'm not sure if my email is on record or not. Its been a long time since I posted any comment on this site. The reason for this is not lack of enthusiam, but that I do not have much in common with most of you as my only tour in the system was in 1954 to 56 at NAVFAC Ramey. I really enjoy reading about the system advances over the decades and wish I had stayed with it, but at the time, The navy thought every sailor should have sea duty, so all of us (SOSN's) were transferred out to the fleet. The only name I recognize for this Message Board is Billy Scott.
Anyway. My email is tiltonh@aol.com. Would enjoy reading the latest "Cable"

Howard Tilton

Reply to Howard Tilton reference sending personnel to sea.

I often thought the System's worst enemy in the early days was BUPERS.

ONI had a policy with similar effect: select their best analysts and make them managers.