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Did The Navy Hamstring the SCORPION Court of Inquiry?

An individual with whom I have been working for years on SCORPION has observed there appears
to be no mention of the loss of THRESHER in any of the SCORPION documents so far released, yet
it was characteristics of the THRESHER event that invalidated many of the SCORPION Court of
Inquiry (COI) conclusions, e.g. proved a pressure-hull collapse acoustic signal would not be
"swallowed" within the collapsing structure - as the SCORPION COI concluded - and hence be
undetectable, logic used by the SCORPION COI to conclude that the major SCORPION acoustic
event was the "explosion of a large charge weight external to the pressure-hull" and NOT hull

The THRESHER collapse event was detected by 14 SOSUS arrays with signal-to-noise ratios
sufficient to have been detected at ranges greater than the circumference of the earth if there
had been an unoccluded deep-water transmission path.

It is difficult to believe that access to the then (1968-70) still classified THRESHER documents was
denied to the SCORPION COI directed Structural Analysis Group but this appears to have been
the case.