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Someone should write a book

Judging by the lack of posts on here I think someone should write a book, with the author being the last SOSUS person alive. It could be titled "Everybody Did An 820 on Me". Any better title suggestions?
I hope each of you enjoyed a good Christmas with friends and loved ones and that 2019 is a great year for all.


Re: Someone should write a book

Hello Randy, Seems like "810" is more appropriate. I never really posted a lot here but I stop by nearly every day to see what others have posted and rekindle some fond memories of days gone by. I guess as we get older our priorities change. I can personally attest to that. there seems to be less time in a day due to declining health (doctor's appointments for the wife and I for various issues, moving slower, home maintenance and upkeep, more frequent trips to the bathroom and the regular nap in the recliner while watching a game or movie. It sucks getting older, golden years my ass, more like rust. Anyway, doing the best we can and still on this side of the grass. Still hard at work publishing my newspaper. If you're interested in a preview just visit my website at "hudsonriverview.net". I just received my 1099 for 2018 and it got me wondering what the current pay charts were. When I hit Bermuda for my first real tour of duty as a seaman apprentice in 1970 I was drawing $96.00 a month for base pay. Now the base pay is $1800+, wish I had that back then. I echo your comments to everyone that still drops by. Very best wishes from Deb and I.

Re: Someone should write a book

Rust!!!! That brought out a laugh the likes pf which I don't experience often. I got really tickled at your daily line up John because its identical to Pat and I. Only the Dr's names are changed to protect........

Its a fact that the future of the msg boards are in peril. I wrote Nick an email a couple of months back in which I said I believed it might be time to evaluate the various functions of the site and see what, if anything, should be salvaged. Its ironic that you wrote this post Randy because I actually sat down at the computer to write Nick today a follow on to the earlier note that this holiday actually illustrated, in spades, that the folks that are working so hard to maintain everything, just might deserve a break.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone especially those that visit the site.


Re: Someone should write a book

Quoting from the IUSSCAA Charter:

The IUSS-Caesar Alumni Association was formed for the benefit of past and present members of IUSS: military, civilian, government, non-government, spouses and other interested persons. The Charter of the organization is as follows:

To establish a communications network among IUSS personnel.

To establish an informative newsletter providing current location and biographical information (as submitted by members), as well as limited IUSS news.

To perpetuate the interest in undersea surveillance and its history.

To provide a locator resource of and for persons associated with IUSS.

My point is, while some members may enjoy shooting the breeze on the Message Board, there is no requirement to do so, and the lack of posts does not need to spell doom for the Association.

Happy New Year to All!