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Where Is The Cold Weather?

In the mid-80s, Ernie Castillo and I left an inland site in North Norway on 22 Nov when the termperature there was -35F.

So far ths winter, I've not seen any tempertures lower than 10F at that location and not many lower than 20F.

Re: Where Is The Cold Weather?

Here in Greenville Maine this morning it is a toasty -2.

Re: Where Is The Cold Weather? (Response to Naida)


Here in Louisville, KY, we are in the middle of a five-day stretch
of temperatures in the 50s to low 60s.

I must admit to being envious of anyone who lives in Maine,
especially anywhere near Ktaadn (old spelling) or Moosehead.



Re: Where Is The Cold Weather? (Response to Naida)

Bruce I have a window view of Mt Kineo. This landscape is beyond words. It is truly God's country up here. I am only about 50 miles from Canada. Love it here.

Re: Where Is The Cold Weather? (Another Response to Naida)


Some 50 years ago, I took a canoe across Moosehead to look
at Kineo from the east side.

When right up against the vertical wall that rose 700 feet above
the water - and appeared to lean over the water - you got a very
impressive and a little unnerving view of Kineo.

On the way back to Rockwood (?), the wind kicked up and I became
concerned until - looking down - I saw the water depth was about
two feet. I could have walked ashore and not gotten wet above the

On the same trip. climbed Ktaadn on 4 Sep with the temperature near
70 - after there had had four inchs of snow a week earlier. Went up
th same trail (Abol?) that Thoreau took in the 1850s.

Good memories.


Re: Where Is The Cold Weather?

Right where I left it 49 years ago, while standing in breakfast chow line at Recruit Training Center Great Lakes. Never been so cold in my life, and it was the middle of May!!! We hit 61* here in Versailles Kentucky yesterday, playing golf of course.