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Cataract Surgery

Hi all Old shipmates,
Any info you could provide about Medicare/Tricare For Life paying for this procedure? Do they pay for any correction to the implant to match your current glasses?? Just searching for any info before I call Medicare.
Chuck Cable

Re: Cataract Surgery

I havn't had the surgery yet but like all of us, I'm getting there quickly. Medicare/Tricare will cover the basic cataract surgery but have heard of cases where the correction process is not always covered. I've heard that if your surgeon "codes" the process correctly and talks to Medicare/Tricare in advance of the procedure, there have been some cases where the entire bill is paid.

Gotta go through it soon so I would like to hear other inputs also.

Best I got,


Re: Email check

John, Sent you an email last week. I had 2 addresses on file. Sent to both. Please check. Or, email me at Jim_Donovan53@yahoo.com You can call too at (757)376-2019.

Happy New Year, Jim

Re: Cataract Surgery

I had mine done. Here is what it was for me. Medicare/Tricare For Life paid for the cataract (both eyes) but would not pay for the extra implant that would replace the need for glasses. I was going to pay the extra myself but the doctor said that with my eye condition he would not recommend it as the vision might again change and I would still need glasses and that would not be a good thing. Medicare did pay for a pair of glasses after the surgery however, they would not pay for fancy frames, photostatic lenses etc. just basic glasses. A lot will depend on "your" eye condition.
Good Luck - Ed

Re: Cataract Surgery

Had both eyes done about 5 years ago. It was the best thing ever distance vision went to 20/20. Still need bifocals for upclose. Also had droopy eyelid surgery,and it was painful but to get that you have several test done and sent to Medicare, several tests and photos sent for approval. My suggestion is if recommended have it done. You won't be sorry

Re: Cataract Surgery

I had it done four years ago. Medicare/Tricare picked up the entire bill. I choose to have mono vision. Perfect vision now and no need for readers.

Re: Cataract Surgery

Just noticed your post.....
I had the surgery for the left eye in 2010 and the right eye in 2013 at the VEC in Norfolk.
Medicare/Tricare only cover the basic mono lens implants. If you opt to get the "RESTOR" lens which will give you back the exact sight you had as a kid, it ran me $3K per eye out of pocket. They normally do not do both eyes at the same time, so as to ensure that the first surgery does not have complications. So they like to space the procedure out a couple years.
I used "Care Credit" to cover the fees.
Truth be told, you cannot put a dollar figure on perfect eyesight. I do NOT require the need for any any glasses! Hope this helps you decide.

Re: Cataract Surgery

Had cataract surgery back in 2001 and just had my eyes checked and I'm still 20/20 in both eyes. Lisa Arbisser of Eye Surgeons Ass. who is Dr. Joyce Brothers daughter did the surgery. My eyes were so bad that the second surgery was done 1 month after the 1st surgery. The prep work to prepare for the surgery takes longer by far, then the actual surgery, but all the eye drops that are used proved to be a non issue. I was lucky in that my employer, the City of Moline, had and has great insurance and the cost to me was quite minimal. Get it done, you'll never regret it.