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"Ask, and it shall be given you...."

In response to an off-site email from a site member, I have provided a 5000 word summary dated 31 Oct 2018 that discusses why
SCORPION was lost including the following subject areas not previously discussed in significant detail:

- SCORPION was at periscope depth when hydrogen out-gassed by the battery exploded.

- Some (most?) of the crew in spaces aft of the reactor compartment survived that explosion.

- At least one crew member successfully exited SCORPION through the after escape trunk.

- Four conjectures about the loss of SCORPION are discussed and refuted; They are: (1) SCORPION reversed course
to deactivate a torpedo that had become active in its launch tube; (2) SCORPION was lost because of the
explosion of "a large charge weight external to the pressure-hull;" (3) loss of the propeller shaft caused the loss
of ship, and (4) involvement of hosile forces in the loss of SCORPION could not and did not occur.

This document will be provided to all who request it by email to karasjok@aol.com. Further dissemination is encouraged.

Bruce Rule