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Memorial Weekend camping trip

Over the last several years the annual IUSS Memorial Weekend camping trip at Cheatham Annex has dwindled to the point that last year the only members in attendance were the "young" guys still remaining in the area (myself, Keith Stevenson, Jim Derwoed and Willie Debarge).
Following discussions last year we elected to change it up a bit and have decided to go to Camp Hatteras this year, see link below, if anyone is interested in joining the few of us venturing down please let me know and I'll share the sites we have reserved.

Re: Memorial Weekend camping trip

Where are you guy's staying? We will already be down there Tuna fishing, if anybody wants to go let me know and I will try and set it up at a discounted rate.

Re: Memorial Weekend camping trip

Thanks for the quick response, really appreciate shipmate!

Re: Memorial Weekend camping trip

Sorry, don’t get on site often, we are staying at camp hatteras in rodanthe

Re: Memorial Weekend camping trip