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Ford Island/Barbers Point/Midway

Steve here, retired bubblehead, born in MA grew up Ford Island, Guam, Okinawa (white beach) while at Ford island, late 70's early 80's my dad would send me off to try and ride my BMX bike onto various sites to test physical security, tell ya people got all up set when you went into Waikele and did mad wheelies...There were a few buildings that my dad said they were looking for ruskies when we were at Ford Island (we were on the SDV side) sometimes he'd got to the CPO club at NAS and point out stuff, got to guam, and went and road the Schwinn up and down a crazy hill now and then. I served on some subs in Groton, and Pearl till my retirement in 2016. Seeing if any sailors had any photo's of Ford island from the Golden years, we were back at Pearl off and on through the 80's I want to say the golden years were 84-86. If anyone has anything like, the old monkey bar ETC, I might have some old grainy dog eared film pics to share as well. We got to Guam in early 80's spent one summer on saipan to do EXO clean up, we had a hooch set up at the old sea plane compound, cause a few years earlier all the structures up navy hill got whipped out during a typhoon. Please keep in touch.


MMC(SS) Stephen Porter

Re: Ford Island/Barbers Point/Midway

Hello Stephen, Who was your dad, what was his rating and what command was he stationed at in Guam and on Ford Island? I was on Ford Island (COSP) from 1975-1978 and on Guam (NAVFAC) from 1983-1985.

Re: Ford Island/Barbers Point/Midway

Hea brother, my dad was a corpsman at SDV1 on Ford island 78-81, Then at the EOD/SEAL compound (I think what it was called) at Big Navy in Guam. 81-82, the he was up the hospital 83. If you were in Guam at that time he made have gave you motrin.