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Think you know your naval (not merely US) trivia? #2

A couple of you enjoyed the previous question, so here's another...with a slight adjustment. These questions were originally written for a largely civilian audience, so the alternate answer choices were written so the "Great Unsalted" would have a reasonable chance of answering correctly. We modern maritime masterminds don't need the assist. Do we? Here goes....

This ship was originally built for the US Army, but manned by a Coast Guard crew, and was ultimately given to the US Navy. She [remains in commission, but] has not been in US waters since 1967. What's her name and what was her fate?

Re: Think you know your naval (not merely US) trivia? #2

I would think that it is USS Pueblo. She is now a museum piece in North Korea.


Re: Think you know your naval (not merely US) trivia? #2

Another interesting fact about the USS Pueblo is that she was originally built in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, in NE Wisconsin and 30 miles from my home town. Keep them coming Lorren


Re: Think you know your naval (not merely US) trivia? #2

Jerry & John - you're quite right with Pueblo.

"The US Army's FP-344 was launched in 1944, and was later redesignated FS-344. The vessel was transferred to the US Navy in 1966 and renamed Pueblo (AKL-44). She was converted to an intelligence collection ship (AGER) in 1967. Pueblo was fired upon and ultimately captured by North Korean forces on 22 January 1968. One US sailor died during the capture.

Pueblo remains on display as a "historic ship" in Pyongyang. The US Navy retains Pueblo as an active, "in commission" ship since 13 May 1967. Only USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides") has an earlier commission date."

Baltimore and Pearl Harbor are both "US waters," and (admittedly, a bit of arcane knowledge here) none of the three other choices are in commission, despite the "still active" myth about the Arizona.

As mentioned in the lead in, the distractor answers for this question weren't included in our web site.. They're listed below; you see how easy the question should have been. But about 40% got it wrong.

USS Arizona BB-33; sunk at Pearl Harbor 1941
USS Scorpion SSN-589; lost May 1968 SW of the Azores
USS Constellation (sloop of war) Baltimore Harbor