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Navy Unit Commendation award

Hello all - seems like I recently saw somewhere (can't remember where due to having a"senior moment") that NavFac Ramey was given a Navy Unit Commendation Award from 01Aug69-31Aug72 and have been trying everything I can think of to find out if this is true. So far, I've not had any success in finding any info about it. Maybe it's just a figment of my imagination. I was stationed at Ramey from '67-'69 and if this actually is true, then I might be eligible to get this ribbon since I was there until towards the end of August '69. If anyone knows or might know where to search, I'd appreciate it a lot. THANKS! Ron Doke, ex-RM3

Re: Navy Unit Commendation award


We show on our awards page at http://www.iusscaa.org/awards.htm that Ramey did indeed have a Navy Unit Commendation as you listed.

Re: Navy Unit Commendation award

Tks. for the response - I'll be checking that out!!!!!!

Re: Navy Unit Commendation award

You can get a corrected DD-214

Re: Navy Unit Commendation award

Also, tks. to you to for your response. I will check this out and will see about getting my DD214 updated.

Re: Navy Unit Commendation award

may find what you need here also. Shows a NAVFAC Ramey AFB for those dates NAVFAC RAMEY AFB NU 01-AUG-1969 31-AUG-1972 for a NUC