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Re: Lorren "Jack" Jackson Feb 22, 2019 - 2:33AM Think you know your naval (not merely US) trivia?

Good call, gents. It is Mikasa.

Here's the (hopefully) "Interesting Information [II}" that follows the question:

"Mikasa was a "pre-dreadnought" - a battleship built before the revolutionary HMS Dreadnought prototype of 1906. She was completed for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in England, and was Admiral Togo's flagship through the entire Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. She took part in several battles, including Tsushima Strait. Within a week of the wars' end, Mikasa exploded and sank at her Sasebo moorings. Raised, repaired, and upgraded, she served until 1923, when she was retired in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty.

Saved from the scrapper's torch, the vessel became a national historical ship in 1926. She fell into disrepair after WWII, but was again restored and reopened in Yokosuka in 1961. As a goodwill gesture, sailors from USS Nimitz repainted the ship in 2009.

This grand old warrior has a street named in her honor (Mikasa Street) on Walney Island, Barrow-on-Furness, where she was built in 1902."
She commissioned in 1902, and is apparently in FAR better physical condition than the dreadnought USS Texas, commissioned in 1914.

You guys are good - OK...next one won't have answer choices included...you may have to SWAG it.