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Re: 65th Year with the U.S. Navy and Undersea Surveillance

I was out of town for a few days so am tardy in replying. Celebrating 65 yrs on the job is a milestone that few achieve. If I had to zero in on a single characteristic that sets "Smokey" apart from others, it would probably be consistency. Throughout my 45 yr working career, I valued that trait more than any other. To be able to count on a person's actions and reactions consistently on a daily basis creates a working environment that promotes and enhances team work, as well as individual performance.

I say all the above to say this. Ed "Smokey" Smock is that rare individual that naturally practices consistency on a daily basis and by doing so, simply makes everyone around him better.

It has been my pleasure to know and associate with Smokey over the years. I love him like a brother and I have told him that. Congratulations on your 65th my dear friend. Here's hoping for a great deal more.

Brother John

Re: 65th Year with the U.S. Navy and Undersea Surveillance

OK here comes Johnny come lately! Obviously not much left to say as its all been said in the previous posts. You are the epitome of IUSS! It has truly been the highlight of my career to have been able to serve with you and to call you Shipmate! Here's hoping that red line doesn't occur anytime soon. See you in September!