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Tom Dunaway

Jack Holdzkom...Jack I was told on one of the other system social media sites Tom Had died shortly after he retired. Are you able to verify this and if true add his name to the IN MEMORIUM page. Was stationed with Tom in '71 in Antigua. He was a hoot and helped me get converted from ET1 to OT1.

Re: Tom Dunaway

Thanks for heads-up. Will attempt to verify.

Re: Tom Dunaway

Rick: Regret unable to confirm. - Jack

Re: Tom Dunaway

Chuck Cable and Tom kept in touch after their retirements. Just maybe Linda still has Chuck's phone and just maybe tom's phone number would be in his phone. Trying to reach Linda but all I have is Chuck's phone number to call and no one is answering that phone although the voice mail is still active.. If someone has Linda's current number, I would appreciate a share.