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Re: Covid Vaccine

I support John's plea 100 %. My entire family has now received the Vaccine with absolutely no side effects with which to be concerned. I had slight body aches similar to the effects of a flu shot but no one else in my family had any problems including "drum roll please"
my 103 years young Mother. That trooper marched up to the site and got her shot along with everyone else and has had no problems whatsoever.

So, I support John. Get out there and get this Vaccine when its your turn and help beat this thing back into submission or where ever it came from.

Good post John!


Re: Covid Vaccine

No side effects for myself, Donnes and her sister Cheryl, except a little soreness at the injection site. Never received a response from the state (New Mexico) COVID site but finally was called by a clinic at the local hospital.

Hope it works!

Re: Covid Vaccine

Chris and I are scheduled to get our first shot Monday morning, after pursuing it on several sites here in central Florida. My personal opinion on Covid is not important but I do believe they should have put a retired Master Chief in charge of each state's vaccination process. Truth!

Re: Covid Vaccine

There have been several times when I have thought that a Master Chief should have should have been running things in this country. Seems like too many ensigns in charge.
Got my first shot last Thursday as a front line worker in a grocery store and called twice since then by the VA in Albany. TOM

Re: Covid Vaccine

I agree Randy. Even a bunch of us old system guys would be a great idea.

Re: Covid Vaccine

This is my 15th year of doing nothing and I have perfected that skill down to a science. Not sure I have the time for anything else:innocent:

Re: Covid Vaccine

That's pretty funny John. However, I know that if you received a call saying it was time for us to reassemble, you would be leading the charge.

Re: Covid Vaccine

Thanks all for doing your part. Kathy and I are fully vaccinated as of 23 February - as we have always done in service to our country and our shipmates. - Jim