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More on Effort to Throw a Roadblock on the Path to Injustice in Argentina

I am sure most on this site have already concluded that my recent SAN JUAN posting and
numerous previous efforts picked up by the South American media have been aimed at
throwing a roadblock on efforts by an Argentine Court to implicate those who were ashore
when the SAN JUAN was lost.

Who know what the outcome will be but at least the decision by the Argentine Court -
originally scheduled for Nov 2020 - has been delayed by a decision to consult "experts"
on the cause of the event.

If requested, will I go to Argentina? No. At the age of 85 with significant health issues,
such an expedition is beyond my capabilities. I shall; however, respond by email to any
questions that arise.

Good news: what was posted on this site about the loss of the SAN JUAN already has
been - or soon will be - posted on numerous FACEBOOK and submarine interest sites.