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Re: Covid Vaccine

There have been several times when I have thought that a Master Chief should have should have been running things in this country. Seems like too many ensigns in charge.
Got my first shot last Thursday as a front line worker in a grocery store and called twice since then by the VA in Albany. TOM

Re: Covid Vaccine

I agree Randy. Even a bunch of us old system guys would be a great idea.

Re: Covid Vaccine

This is my 15th year of doing nothing and I have perfected that skill down to a science. Not sure I have the time for anything else:innocent:

Re: Covid Vaccine

That's pretty funny John. However, I know that if you received a call saying it was time for us to reassemble, you would be leading the charge.

Re: Covid Vaccine

Thanks all for doing your part. Kathy and I are fully vaccinated as of 23 February - as we have always done in service to our country and our shipmates. - Jim