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Re: New Uniforms?

I remember the unusual working uniform we sometimes wore at NavFac Point Sur. Marty (a waitress at Glen Oaks restaurant) and her husband (Bruce) were building a house in the mountains above Big Sur. One “80" Tom Hardy and Alan Wyman (the other two OTs in our watch section) went to help them with it but upon finding their gate closed, we left the car and hiked up the mountainside to their house. The only problem was that half way up in the dusk, we realized we were going through poison oak! Thus the creation of the modified working uniform one alpha (T-shirt, dungarees, and shower shoes) for our next string of mid-watches. No one even questioned why we were “out of uniform”. Just one look at our arms and legs eliminated any questions! The funny thing was that one of the OT chiefs got a bad case of poison oak several months later and stood several watches in working uniform one alpha also!:slightly_smiling_face:

Re: New Uniforms?

Ugggh, ouch!!!!! Been there and done that. Any uniform should be legal under those circumstances.

When I was a kid, my Dad and I pulled Poison Ivy/Oak up by its roots with out bare hand and neither had any reaction at all. Fast forward 45 years when I had a piece of rental property in North MS and my tenant complained of having poison ivy in her rose bushes. So I sat off to rectify the situation and upon arrival, I stripped down to my Bda shorts with no shirt or socks and waded into the stuff like I was still a kid. Needless to say, my immunity as a kid was no more and I was laid up for two weeks before I could put any clothes on at all. Couldn't have stood a watch in any uniform, legal or illegal.