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Re: It is my “Thank You” time again.

Ed, Congratulations on another year "Standing the Watch" and "Walking the Beams"! You truly are our Last Man Standing! It was a pleasure to see you last week at our Dam Neck meeting. You were a standout participant and seasoned voice of reason in a room full of old SOSUS white hairs. It is a pleasure to know you as a friend and shipmate.

With warm regards, Jim Donovan

Re: It is my “Thank You” time again.

Smokey, I turned 70 last month which means I was 3 when you hit me for missing oar rate on a Viking craft. That was my first of many technical oversights and you found it :) Congrats on a long and illustrious career, Ed! Your hash marks must be up your shoulder and across your back to the other arm! Be blessed and be safe.


Re: It is my “Thank You” time again.

Ed - the impressive list of well-wishers in response to your post is testimony to what you mean to our community. You have watched all of us come and go - yet you remain on watch. The fortunate among us can brag about what you taught us as we passed through "your system". I have so many fond memories of our time and adventures together. You made all of us better than we would have ever been without you. Thanks, and love from a grateful shipmate!

Re: It is and then Imy “Thank You” time again.

Don't get out on the web very often these days. But now and then I do return to the system web page to see all the familiar names. When I saw your post I just had to send along my congratulations as well. When you joined the system I was just 6 years old. But I remember hearing stories of your exploits while standing watch at Arg in the early 1970's. I also remember our bass fishing outing and cherish the times we shared. You are indeed a very special person, and our system is very fortunate to have you still in the hunt. My best regards, and stay safe. Rick

Re: It is my “Thank You” time again.

Im with Ed D., you must be getting old Smokey..... you still get a full pizza and a pitcher of beer?....for yourself??? Ill bet so...congrats...youve lasted way longer than those wrecker cars you used to run between Va beach and TRW....