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Re: Rambling thoughts

Congrats to you and Chris for your great life together. I remember the last time I saw you was the kinetic sculpture race at CVB in 1980. What stood out was the smart outfits your team wore and how the professionalism extended in to that wild race.

I echo your thoughts on this group. It's been an island during this pandemic and a joy to visit. Seeing comments from others does bring back great memories and makes me proud to have been associated was the system.

Enjoy your travels and stay safe.

Re: Rambling thoughts

Way to go Randy. Wish people would ramble more often on this site. I think the reason I'm beginning to really miss my old shipmates is that (a) I'm getting old and (b) Don't hear from them very often so unsure how they're doing.

I guess OTs like our ladies young. Pat and I began to date when she was 16 and we married when she was 18. Problem was I was 21 and 23 respectively. I don't suppose I have to tell you that me and her Mother (widow) had a number of "run-ins" during those days. She finally gave up and we all became a happy family years later. Pat and I celebrated our 56th back in Sep.

Randy, Chris, I envy your 5th wheel adventures. Pat and I have talked about doing something like that but just can't seem to pull the trigger. Pushing 80 so not too many 5th wheel capable years left.

Hope you both continue to enjoy your travels and I hope your rambling unlocks some other old timer stories on the site.

Great Ramble (er) Post.

John and Pat

Re: Rambling thoughts

John - you're never too old for that next adventure. I'm pushing 80 hard, but Peggy and I are still able to travel. With all of the COVID craziness, this past January we relocated the 5th wheel we kept in Pismo Beach, CA to Las Vegas. Next month we will be picking up our new "traveling RV", a pick-up camper (trading in our pull-behind). Although we are not "full-timers", we have our sights set on a few more adventures.

Re: Rambling thoughts

It made my day to read all the comments here. John E, I agree with George that you’re never too old. We actually sold our house in NC and about 2/3 of the stuff we had accumulated and put the rest in storage. We will likely build or buy a really small house down here in the next year and then be gone in the RV through summer. Our son and his family live in Maitland, adjacent to Orlando. Most days Chris or I ask the other what day it is so life’s good :)
For Scott, I still have pics somewhere of the Kinetic Sculpture Race. I remember when it started (in Eureka?) we had obtained some smoke bombs and
threw them behind us in the chaotic start. It caused some real issues for those behind us and I’m still glad we did it...one of those sailor things!
For George...one time in a meeting between you and the watch coordinators in Kef, you reiterated to us that beyond any other considerations our purpose and presence there came down to you, us and our people. I made that point later many times in the Navy, as well as in civilian life. Carve away the distractions and it’s not hard to see what and who matters.
Man, haven’t I been the rambler lately! Maybe it’s time to liven these boards up again! If anybody uses Instagram our account is randyandchristinescott. (It might have senior at the end.). We’ve posted stuff on there during our travels.


Re: Rambling thoughts

Randy and George, You're both correct because when Pat and I dig down real deep, We find our reason for not traveling is because We don't want to be away from our Grandson that long. Of course the reality is that he wishes we would go traveling I'm sure. As far as health, couldn't be better so we really don't have many excuses for not getting out there.

We'll see.


Re: Rambling thoughts

John, do whatever makes you both happy :) But if you do decide to travel via RV make sure you come to Patrick. We love it here!

Re: Rambling thoughts

Thanks for the tip. I'll remember that.