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Funny times

I'll make another attempt to stir you folks up with a hilarious story from Argentia, circa 1970.
As we often did, most of my watch section shifted colors after the eve watch and headed to the club. Among our group was an RM3 (or was it CYN3?),
a country boy from Alabama who was about as back-woodsie as it gets. He swore he rarely wore shoes before the Navy....
Anyway, we weren't at the club all that long and this guy became pretty inebriated and rowdy. Against his wishes several of us forced him into a car and drove him back to barracks, the tall building I can never remember the name of. We got him up to his room, still against his desires, and drove back to the club. Well...we pulled up to the club and who is standing in the parking area but the guy we had just left at the barracks. He was barefoot, wet and muddy and had run through that swamp/pond on a beeline, which took less time than the drive around it! He was grinning and said we had to try harder than that to get rid of a country boy :)
Dang, we used to hit the club after an eve watch and now I'm in bed by 2100. Anybody else have a good story to tell?

Re: Funny times

I may have told this story before. I getting to that age. But, again Argentia, circa 1979/80 during an ORI. As most of you recall, the "Tilley" battle problems were 24-36 hours of holy H__L so everyone had a tendency to let their hair down upon completion. So, after Arg completed their work, someone suggested going to NE Arms Camp for some Beer and Pizza. It was snowing to beat the band but off we go. It was a good time for about an hour but the snow kept piling up and everyone decided we should go. Everyone loaded up and took off and since most of the cars/trucks were NFLD capable, they had no trouble departing. But Wait!!!!!!! RMCM Russell and RM1 Peterson (ORI Team Members) had ridden out to the camp with an Ensign whose real nice new car had no business in snow. Sure enough, as they departed, she got stuck. The RMCM and RM1 got out and pushed and got her moving but when she stopped to let them back in the car, she was stuck again. This drill was repeated a couple of times with each effort resulting in being stuck again. The RMCM, becoming frustrated, yelled at the Ensign that "when we get you going again, don't stop. KEEP GOING". At least that was the Ensign's side of the story and by now you know where this is headed. The RMCM and RM1 got her moving again and the next time she stopped, she was at the base BOQ, minus the RMCM and RM1. It seems they walked through piled up and blowing snow for some period of time until, fortunately, a Newf came along and gave them a ride to the base. I can't finish this story on this site because the RMCM and RM1 proceeded to the ensign's room, pounded on the door until she appeared and proceeded to use language that Russ won't let us use on this site. As the story goes, the Ensign began to tear up about the same time as the dynamic duo realized that it was, in fact, pretty much their own doings. They finally chalked it up to too much Beer, went to bed and had a huge laugh about it the next day as they told the story over and over and over.

Re: Funny times

Great Story Randy. Made lots of after eve runs to that club as well. Here's one for you:

Bermuda circa 1987/8. I'm the OPSLCPO and you are the OPSO. Someone has been rummaging through my desk and likely others after hours and I have have a pretty good idea who it is. I devise a plan to lure the individual out. It's time for Annual performance evaluations so I dummy up an evaluation with substandard grades and numerous detrimental comments. I placed the eval in my desk knowing the individual would discover it. For several days after we observed the individual's demeanor which was in the dumps to say the least. I don't recall how long we let the person believe it was invalid before we called him to task. I don't think there was anymore midwatch snooping afterwards. Needless to say my evaluation although somewhat humorous and brilliant wasn't far from being factual.

Re: Funny times

I’m glad you posted that hilarious story, John! I remember it so well!

Re: Funny times

Yep Yep Yep! and no smoking in the stairwell 😉

Re: Funny times

Hey Terry,
Good to see you in here. Hope all is well with you and Ellen. I was just talking about you guys to my neighbor who spent some time in Newfie doing a documentary. Drop me an email and let's catch up.