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Re: Funny times

Great Story Randy. Made lots of after eve runs to that club as well. Here's one for you:

Bermuda circa 1987/8. I'm the OPSLCPO and you are the OPSO. Someone has been rummaging through my desk and likely others after hours and I have have a pretty good idea who it is. I devise a plan to lure the individual out. It's time for Annual performance evaluations so I dummy up an evaluation with substandard grades and numerous detrimental comments. I placed the eval in my desk knowing the individual would discover it. For several days after we observed the individual's demeanor which was in the dumps to say the least. I don't recall how long we let the person believe it was invalid before we called him to task. I don't think there was anymore midwatch snooping afterwards. Needless to say my evaluation although somewhat humorous and brilliant wasn't far from being factual.

Re: Funny times

I’m glad you posted that hilarious story, John! I remember it so well!

Re: Funny times

Yep Yep Yep! and no smoking in the stairwell 😉

Re: Funny times

Hey Terry,
Good to see you in here. Hope all is well with you and Ellen. I was just talking about you guys to my neighbor who spent some time in Newfie doing a documentary. Drop me an email and let's catch up.