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Re: (another) New shipmate

I'll join your super secret club Nick. I have been reading through much of this board. The history of the systems is amazing. Pretty smart people.
I see many names here that I am familiar with but never got an opportunity to meet, particularly in the contractor arena and/or "the early days". But the names do live on, and Nick spent many an hour on midwatches regaling me with stories of a lot of you (usually when I had something more pressing to do).
I had the pleasure of serving with many of you. I was just one among many beam pounders so my name may not be familiar to most of you. I served mostly in the 80s. I did Kef, then NOPF DN, then Kef again, then RTF (C school), then finally, a stint as an A school instructor at FLTASWTRACENLANT.
It is very nice to see everyone keeping this alive. It was a specialty of a specialty of a subspecialty, so what you all accomplished is not known by many, but it was critical and was needed. What was at the end of every award/recognition certificate reading? Something like "in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Naval service...". It means a lot more to me now that I am old, and I have tons of respect for all you older men and women that blazed the way.

Re: (another) New shipmate

Welcome aboard Guys. The site needs some fresh input so don't be a stranger.

For Dale Wos, our paths did not cross in terms of duty stations but I had a good friend by the name of Bill Forseth who should have overlapped you at Eleuthera. He came to Argentia in 66 as a 3rd class. Good guy but I have no idea of his whereabouts or contact info,

For Rick Kramer, again welcome aboard. Very nice write up and you seemed to have a nice career going. Kef twice looks good on anyone's resume'.

Help us keep the site alive with a story every now and again.

John Ellis

Re: New shipmate

My correct email is woski.46@comcast.net