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Re: Unless My Vision Is Far Worse Than I thought, This is an Alsoluterly Hilarious Mistake

Sure looks like a V-III to me. I remember so well the V-III and USS McCloy encounter...priceless!

Reply to Randy Scott on the VICTOR III - USS McCloy Incident

I have often wondered what happened to the Commanding Officer of the
VICTOR III after the USS MCCloy incident. I doubt his career path was "enhanced."

We certainty got some excellent images of the tandem propeller, also some
useful data on the "spinners."

Re: Reply to Randy Scott on the VICTOR III - USS McCloy Incident

Bruce, I would imagine that CO was no longer promotable. I got to see the same video info you alluded to, fascinating! There was also some excellent photos of a Russian sailor taking an axe to the cable wrapped around the screw/shaft. I got to know the guy who was the XO on McCloy during that event. He said they were given orders to return to Norfolk and they were all sweating bullets and trying to get their story straight on what happened. As they got close to home he said the atta boys and kudos started coming in and they went from despair to elation :) ****, I miss all that action sometimes!

Re: Reply to Randy Scott on the VICTOR III - USS McCloy Incident


Thank you for the very interesting details. I had forgotten about
the VICTOR-III crew member caught trying to sever the McCloy's
towed array cable.

At ONI we hired a Model Basin analyst to do in-depth assessments
of some of our data. He was the only really competent Model Basin
analyst we ever encountered. His name was Larry Rosenblatt.

He had concluded there was something very unusual in the design
of that propeller but he was over-ruled by the Basin PHDs who were,
of course, proven wrong by such evidence as the McCloy incident.

It took me many years (later) to understand the reason for the use
of a tandem propeller. Put "tandem propeller" into the search function
of this message board to read that assessment, the title of which is:
"A Suggested Explanation for Soviet/Russian Use of Tandem Submarine

That posting has been viewed nearly 900 times. I wonder how many of
of those were Russian.



Re: Reply to Randy Scott on the VICTOR III - USS McCloy Incident

I had the daywatch at Dam Neck that day. Pretty cool story that won't be told here.