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Debunking the Theory that the Indonesian Submarine Eperienced an Internal Wave

I sent recent press coverage of the theory that an Internal Wave sank the Indonesian submarine S402 on
21 April 2021 to a very select group of real experts.. Here is some of the resulting exchanges among
that group.

"Sorry to ruin your fun, but this internal wave issue is a clever distraction to move blame away from the
Indonesian Navy poor maintenance procedures. I agree with Bruce. Larry's report says they were
shooting a German wire guided heavy torpedo made in 1967, that is scary and probably dangerous and
they were doing it at 0300?

"I have never seen any official warning, evidence or guidance on internal waves being dangerous to
submarines. Never heard about internal waves in all the mission briefs, submarine bars or during my
2 Prospective Commanding Officer Courses. Never read about them being a problem in any of the
many WWII submarine CO books or patrol reports I studied.

"We know they exist, but the picture shown on the weather channel are not internal waves, they are
surface waves. You can't see internal waves on the surface they are below the surface.