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Re: That "Hearing Issue" again

Thanks guys. There's a lot of reading material that accents all the positives but there's no better info than that info that comes from a user.

Growing old is not for Sissies as we have all said at one time or another.

Thanks again. Keep your "ears" open for me and let me know if you stumble upon a user of the technology.


Re: That "Hearing Issue" again

I just called audiology and they made me an appointment and replaced my old ones, I have 80% service connected disability so no cost.

Re: That "Hearing Issue" again

John, A friend of mine just got updated cochlear implants. He is really stoked about how much better the new ones are. I believe he hears better than I do using hearing aids. Here is his email address so you get unfiltered info instead of what I thought he said. Dick Lane, r.lane95@yahoo.com

He will be expecting your questions

Re: That "Hearing Issue" again

Thanks Jerry. I'm writing him now!


Re: That "Hearing Issue" again


Thanks again for your reference to Dick Lane. He couldn't have been more helpful. He wrote an extensive piece on his situation that led to Cochlear considerations and a great description of his experiences after the implant. Its great to have the input of someone with no agenda.

Thanks again Buddy, I appreciate your taking the time to help.