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Re: Shadow Box

Thanks Russ,

I thought it would be interesting to see everyone’s retirement shadow box. When I retired the CPOA said they would get and put together my shadow box but I said no thanks, I know exactly what I want. Instead of a brass plaque with the list of my duty stations, I had kept my uniform name tags from each command. I removed the command medallion and placed them at the bottom of the shadow box. I was teaching at FASW Pac in San Diego in the late-1990s and was able to obtain an unannotated lofargram, can anyone ID it? The red border around the gram is representative of the venus unique annotation. The 10 points are inscribed with Ops Admin 5123, Kef was my first and last NavFac. I went TAD on board USS Michigan for a SSBN patrol and had to worked feverously to complete sub quals before returning to port. All the STS on board really helped me to get qualified, but I think they were just excited to have someone that knew acoustics and they did not have to use the YN2 for sonar watches.
I hope all IUSS members have a good Memorial Day and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Re: Shadow Box

No disrespect, my brother, but it's good you went out on a "hide with pride" unit. The last time I saw you, you wouldn't recognize a submarine on a bus tour of Groton, Conn.

You were a maintainer. You did POMSEE.

Miss you, Randy. Been way too long.


Re: Shadow Box

Sorry Nick, but I think you are thinking of a different Randy Brown. I was an analyst 1982 to 2003.

Re: Shadow Box

Gomen Nasai

Re: Shadow Box

Just posting this to put Randy's Shadowbox right in line so you don't have to click the website link to see it.

This is Randy Brown's shadow box.

I am quite enamored with shadow boxes these days. As I said in my shadow boxes thread, I was a short timer so never made a shadow box but my son, Justin, is getting ready to retire and I have been helping him gather some items for his shadow box.

This is a very cool tradition that I was quite unaware of.

Re: Shadow Box

Beautiful box. Just needs a slide rule to tell the whole story.