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Re: Shadow Box

No disrespect, my brother, but it's good you went out on a "hide with pride" unit. The last time I saw you, you wouldn't recognize a submarine on a bus tour of Groton, Conn.

You were a maintainer. You did POMSEE.

Miss you, Randy. Been way too long.


Re: Shadow Box

Sorry Nick, but I think you are thinking of a different Randy Brown. I was an analyst 1982 to 2003.

Re: Shadow Box

Gomen Nasai

Re: Shadow Box

Just posting this to put Randy's Shadowbox right in line so you don't have to click the website link to see it.

This is Randy Brown's shadow box.

I am quite enamored with shadow boxes these days. As I said in my shadow boxes thread, I was a short timer so never made a shadow box but my son, Justin, is getting ready to retire and I have been helping him gather some items for his shadow box.

This is a very cool tradition that I was quite unaware of.

Re: Shadow Box

Beautiful box. Just needs a slide rule to tell the whole story.