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Shadow Box Pictures

Randy Brown started a thread earlier called shadow box.

I replied and then made a space on the server to serve as a repository for shadow box pictures.

Randy has expressed the desire for a thread where all you retirees (I was a shorttimer) can show off your shadow boxes.

I am working on an automated process for uploading images at this point but meanwhile, if you wish to be able to post your shadow box you can send me a picture of it. I will optimize the picture, put it on the server and send you back the code to include in your post to show your shadow box.

So, if you want to do this then you can send a picture of your shadowbox to me at:


Please make the subject line: "your name - shadowbox" (where "your name" is replaced with your actual name - just saying that for the smartasses that are going to send me literally "your name")

Once I get it I will optimize the image, put it on the server and send the image code back to you.

Sometimes I will be very quick, sometimes I may be slow.

I will try to put a higher priority into updating the site so that we can have a modern facing message board with all the cool features like image posting.

Thank you Randy for suggesting a thread to show off the shadow boxes, I think it is a great idea.